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Ohio Valley Financial Group planted its roots in Henderson County in 1887 when Ohio Valley Banking & Trust Company consolidated with Henderson Trust Company. In 1934, it was chartered as a national bank and became known as Ohio Valley National Bank.

In late 2006, the bank adopted a state charter and was known for a short time as Ohio Valley Bank before ultimately selecting the name Ohio Valley Financial Group, which was chosen as a way to encompass the various banking, insurance, retirement and trust products that the institution currently offers.

The symbol of stability and longevity for Ohio Valley Financial Group is its five-story, red-brick building that sits on the southeast corner of Second and Main streets in downtown Henderson. For years, the intersection of Second and Main was affectionately referred to as the banking corner of town because there was a financial institution on three of the four corners.

The bankís headquarters was constructed in 1904 and billed as Hendersonís first fireproof building.

The structureís familiar copper clock, with stained glass on each of its four faces, has been a downtown landmark since about 1916. It continues to serve as a proud symbol of the bankís roots in Henderson.

Ohio Valley Financial Groupís former chairman, the late Ray Preston, rose to prominence in the Henderson business community as owner of PB&S Chemical, a highly successful chemical distribution company. Preston was invited to join the bankís board of directors in 1970. By 1987, he was chairman and majority owner of the bank.

In 1989, Preston sold PB&S, then assumed sole ownership of the bank in 1992. In the years since Preston became chairman, Ohio Valley Financial Groupís assets have grown from $66 million to more than $250 million. Its trust department manages more than $300 million in assets, and its brokerage company affiliate LPL handles another $12 million in assets.

The Raymond B. Preston Family Foundation was established in 1989. With family members taking turns serving as board members, the foundation has overseen the donation of more than $6 million in grants to various local, national and international charities since its inception.