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Other Services

Receive the support you need to facilitate your transactions and let us help you enhance your investment returns. We act as an independent agent for escrow accounts, independent trustee for municipal bond issuances, and provide investment services for businesses and nonprofits. Find out more about our: Escrow Services | Municipal Bond Service | Business Investing | Nonprofit Investing 

Escrow Services

Count on us to facilitate your transactions. 

Escrow accounts are used to hold funds or property for a specific purpose or until the completion of a certain event occurs. They are used most often in real estate transactions, but are also used in the transfer of high-value personal and business property. Ohio Valley serves as an escrow agent for 1031 Exchange Agreements and other financial transactions requiring a secure independent agent.


Municipal Bond Services

Receive the support your municipality and your bondholders require. 

We act as appointed Independent Trustee for municipal bond issuances. In that role, we provide the services of Paying Agent, Registrar and/or Trustee. You can rely on us to maintain information on the recorded bondholders, collect funds, distribute income and principal payments, and provide financial records to you and tax reporting to your bondholders. You and your bondholders will benefit from our support from pre-closing through the life of the bonds.


Business Investing

Let us help you maximize interest income while balancing liquidity needs. 

If your company has accumulated cash reserves, you may find that your traditional business banking products are not paying interest that rewards your balance. We use money market funds and short-term investments to help you receive the maximum possible return on your corporate investments without negatively impacting liquidity.


Nonprofit Investing

Work with a team that committed to helping you fulfill your mission. 

If you are overseeing endowments for a nonprofit, charitable trust, or private or corporate foundation, you need an investment team that understands your mission. We are ready to discuss your investment objectives and requirements. Together, we will develop a strategy to increase returns while operating within your established parameters.