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Make It Happen Kids

Learn how to teach students about personal finance, fundraising and running a business with our Make It Happen Kids programs.

We are proud to sponsor the Colonels' Corner Bank and our student-banking programs and we are committed to the financial education of our community's young people.

Colonels' Corner Bank

It's never too early to learn the basics of personal finance.

Since 1995, students at Henderson County High School (HCHS) have had a head start learning about personal finance with the Colonels' Corner Bank. Opened in August 1995 as a joint venture between Ohio Valley Financial Group and Henderson County High School, the Colonels' Corner Bank continues to be a profitable business run each year by students affiliated with the Banking and Financial Services class at Henderson County High School.

The student bank program initially began as a way to educate the student body about banking and to provide on-site services such as check cashing, student loans and savings accounts. After 10 successful years in operation, Colonels' Corner Bank has expanded upon that original mission to include several community service projects.

Colonels' Service Projects

Community projects help local families and children as well as national organizations.

Turkey of the Year is a fundraising project that evolved from the Colonels' Corner Bank program. Each year, the fundraiser nets around $4,500, which goes to provide Thanksgiving dinners for local families and Christmas for several local children.

Colonels' Corner Bank is actively involved in other projects, such as the American Heart Walk, Race for the Cure, the 911 Fund, March of Dimes and the HCHS Contingency fund, which provides HCHS students in need with basic items such as clothing and shoes.

In addition, Colonels' Corner Bank continues to be active in Project Aspire, a program developed by the Henderson County School system to help at-risk children in grades K through eight. The idea behind this program is to provide mentors and positive role models for these children. The student bank has successfully completed several years as mentors with the program.

Bank of the Year

Student bankers learn business operations while helping others.

The student bank program provides young people an opportunity to gain insight and responsibility for the overall operation of a business. It also promotes community involvement and gives the student bankers an opportunity to learn the importance of reaching out and making a difference to others within the community.

The Kentucky Banker's Association has awarded Colonels' Corner Bank students their highest honor of Bank of the Year in the student bank category for several years. The award criteria is based on community service and educating their fellow students and teachers about banking.

Fall 2013 High School Bank in Evansville

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